Same things make us laugh,
make us cry

Valentina Demicheli, Catherina De Nicola, Olamiju Fajemisin, Jasmine Gregory, Shuang Li, Manutcher Milani, Ceylan Öztrük, Mai-Thu Perret, Tabita Rezaire, Jordan Selophane

Opening 10.06.21, 2-8pm,
by appointment
ETH Greenhouse
Hädeliweg 19, 8092, ZH

We invite the community and local people to explore and practice critical thinking with us in times of multiplicity and complexity. There will be a focus on the importance of emancipatory action, collective growth and transformation.

Artistic interventions represent an attempt to look beyond existing systems and engage with new perspectives. The ecological alternatives are a new holistic thinking that connects cosmology and nature in a spiritual way and affirms the need for respect diversity in both human and non-human forms. To deepen the notion of biodiversity, the home - our soil and soul of our non-human kinfolks will form a refuge and center for body, art and unity. With "Same things make us laugh, make us cry" we establish our own language to explore and present new ways of thinking.

Between the aims and values of our curatorial practice and those of sustainable agro-ecosystem science, there are key similarities in terms of opening up new sustainable systems of knowledge, and implementing concrete solutions. In this regard, we are engaged with biodiversity, the harmonious merging of tradition and modernity, and working to strengthen communities. We are about being pro-active in the community by curatorially trying to set activist and healing gestures.

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